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Bill Lukewich’s Mediation Experience

Throughout my forty-year business career, I have been a part of hundreds of mediations, negotiations and arbitrations, and I bring those experiences to each and every mediation I conduct. Interested to learn more? Let’s talk >

Sector: Workplace Investigation
Sample successful outcomes:

  • An employment case for an orthodontic clinic where the owner and an associate were going separate ways after working together for over twenty years. The numerous complexities to resolve in a professional, timely and legal manner included: existing patient treatment, patient privacy, pre-paid fees, location of the associate’s new office, non-compete, future solicitation and dentist referrals. We addressed each issue over a two month period, and ended with an amicable resolution.

Sector: Employment
Sample successful outcomes:

  • An employment case in which a large organization had severed a long service employee but had failed to provide recognition of the bonus in the severance calculation which normally would be paid to active employees. The issue of setting a precedent of paying a bonus to an inactive severed employee was a concern to the organization so the suggestion was that they average the former employee’s last two years of salary which had included the bonus and then to top up the number of months to resolve the case. The Company then didn’t need to worry about other severed employees claiming to be paid their bonus and the employee received a sum of money which they found acceptable.
  • A labour case in which an employee was terminated just after completing their probationary period as a result of some additional hours worked by the employee which the employer had been unaware of. The employer preferred that the individual not return to work as they had been terminated well before the mediation was able to be scheduled. The employee had only been working part time jobs and wanted their job back so there needed to be a resolution to the grievance which worked for both sides. The case was ultimately resolved through the issuance of a reference letter for the employee and an increased level of vacation and back pay which enabled the former employee to seek a new job. The mediation was concluded in just over four hours – quicker than the scheduled full day of mediation.

Sector: Personal Injury
Sample successful outcomes:

  • A slip and fall at a major retailer that had resulted in a chest injury which had created a disability that hampered the plaintiff’s ability to expand his newly opened business. The case was complex as the individual had tried unsuccessfully to replace himself as he had a special skill set that he had learned in his home country which wasn’t easily learned or replicated. The case turned on the lost revenue due to the injury of the plaintiff and was resolved over a four hour period.

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Professional training & mediation qualifications:

– Workplace Fairness Analyst Certification from WFI
– ADR Certification from York University
– Q.Med Certification from ADRIO
– Civil Procedures Certification from ADRIO
– Med Arb Training through Osgoode Hall Professional Development
– Roster Mediator, Ontario Mandatory Mediation Program, Toronto


– B.A. Economics (Honours), Brown University


“Bill enabled the North American agreement to be a huge success in Canada despite the territorial differences in labour rates and practices”

– Union Negotiator, Toronto, ON

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