As your mediator, I am completely focused on helping you find a workable solution. This means you will get my undivided attention and uninterrupted expertise for the day. No other priorities or meetings but yours. Sessions can be conducted online or in-person.

Task Fee (excl. HST)
Mediation (full day) $1,500
Mediation (half day) $1,000
Hourly rate beyond half day $250/hour

Additional Information

  • Mileage rate, as applicable, for mediations outside of the GTA is $0.55/km 
  • Fees above do not include disbursements such as hearing room rental if outside of the GTA, or hotel or flight arrangements where necessary
  • Cancellation fee more than two weeks prior to hearing date: $500
  • Cancellation fee less than two weeks prior to hearing date: $750
  • All charges to be divided equally between the parties, unless otherwise agreed
  • Accounts payable upon receipt


“Bill’s Mutual Gains bargaining session was just what we needed to create a breakthrough five-year agreement which was unheard of in our industry”

– Rogers Union Representative, Toronto, ON

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