Master George

Critical factors for successful mediation:

  • Open and constructive communication
  • Commitment to the process
  • Acknowledgement of the needs, values and emotions of the other party
  • Open-minded thinking for creative, innovative solutions
  • Consideration of the costs of failing to reach a resolution

Mediation is a voluntary process to assist parties to reach an agreement when they are in conflict. It does not guarantee an outcome as no binding decision can be made; neither party can be forced to accept an outcome. The agreement reached at the end of mediation is created by both parties for signature. As such, my goal as a mediator is to work with both parties to find a workable solution.

Services available online and in-person.

My commitment to the process is to:

  • Manage the process
  • Create a safe environment
  • Foster fairness
  • Ensure impartiality
  • Structure opportunity for resolution

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“Bill is a natural mediator with strong inter-personal skills and excellent judgement”

– Fellow Mediator and Conflict Analyst, Toronto, ON

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